Fall 2020 Classes Concluded!

Another super successful semester just concluded ! The year of 2020 is special for everyone, we are super proud of all our students who kept their heads down to learn and better themselves amid so many distractions and with unprecedented difficulties. Please join us to congratulates all of them, and recognize our best of the best who put in the most amount of efforts and passion for this wonderful world of computer science!

Fundamental Java Class Star Students

Jessica L.

Michael M.

Julian Z.

Intermediate Java (Sunday) Star Students

Caius L.

David H.

Daylia L.

Kevin Z.

Samuel P.

Intermediate Java (Wednesday) Star Students

Ryan Z.

Joey W.

Samuel B.

Andrew W.

Elizabeth C.

Derek Q.

AP Computer Science A Star Students

Aaron Y.

Zoey T.

Kasie Y.

Louis C.

USACO Bronze Star Students

Daylia L.

Johnny Z.

Lawrence L.

Susanna T.

USACO Silver 1 Star Students

Brandon Z.

Jonathan D.

Ashley H.

Great Job Everyone and Happy Holiday!