So Many Fun Mario Games ! – By Fall 2020 Wednesday Intermediate Java Class

Class-Elected Best Project — By Ryan Z

The game shown in this video, as nice as it is, doesn’t really show how cool the final version of the game is, which is in a different theme, and even fun-er! I hope to receive the recording soon, and then will share! :))

Ryan also made another project of his own , which partially contributes to him almost unanimously voted to be the best project author of the class! Video coming soon also! (Hopefully)

Super Shrinkable Mario with Ghost by Samuel B!

Check out the super tiny Mario (LOL) and the super cool ghost effect of the ghost!

Beautiful Mario Game with Added Background and Goomba by Anthony Q!

Anthony added the very nice blue sky background, cloud and hill, and made the game more challenging with the Goombas!

Mario Game with the Mushroom Hard to Catch by Andrew W!

The Mario Game that Records Highest Score by Joey W.

Mario Game with Cool Monster Art, Nice Sound Effect and Narration by Elizabeth C!