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Intermediate Java Programming

Sample Online Course

Hello everyone, this is a sample online course to give you a peek of how does our online classes work.

Of course there are a lot of other elements that are not in this sample online course, such as submitting homework, weekly release schedule, timer for completing lessons, etc, but the hope is to allow students to at least get a flavor of how are the class materials presented.

So check it out!


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AP Computer Science A

About This Course

This course will continue student’s Java education into advance level and cover all APCS topics defined by College Board.  This course is aligned with the AP Computer Science A course from local public high school.

Upon completion,  students will have grasped all important Java key concepts that are in the scope of APCS test, and definitely more, and be able to write Java programs to solve intermediate level problems, and ready to engage in larger scale projects and prepare for APCS test (if so wish).

This class is designed for high school students, to lay a solid foundation for them to prepare to take the APCS exam next.  The curriculum is closely tied with the AP Computer Science test and use its materials and test questions along the way while students learn all the fundamental concepts and skills.


Barron’s AP Computer Science A (8th Edition)

Fundamental Java Programming

Textbook (required for high schoolers and above)

  • For high schoolers: Required for high schoolers: Barron’s AP Computer Science A (8th Edition)
  • For elementary or middle school students: Optional

Please do not be intimated. We will only use the fundamental and beginner part of this book.