One Curriculum, Three Ways to Learn

At Ascende Learning, we listen to parents and students’ needs and offer three different ways to learn. For each course, students can choose their own customized way to study the same awesome curriculum in the most productive and efficient way.

Self Paced

Private and flexible, with your own pace!

Hybrid Mode

All Goodnesses Combined!

Live Lessons

Group Lessons with Fixed Schedules

Self-Paced Mode

With this learning mode, students get the utmost flexibility to study through the same course, same materials including recent class live recordings and slides,  with their own schedule and pace. No more waiting for the start of Fall, Summer or Spring semester to start learning!  No more worrying about schedule conflicts or the weekly pace being too slow or too fast for you!

Highly recommended for busy bees or students who want to get ahead FAST, or want to take their time and not in a hurry!

What if you need help — how about got office hours, forum and responsive teachers?  All you need to do is to reach out!

The superior flexibility allows us to offer all courses all year round! Start anytime!

More Details

Live Group Classes

The most traditional group live lessons, to be scheduled around the common US school system’s semesters: Fall, Spring and Summer.

The obvious advantages are the regular weekly enforced pace, and the  opportunity for interaction in class, at the cost of the flexibility.

As much as we like, we won’t be able to offer all courses as live group lessons for each semester.  Good news is students can always keep learning along our path in the self-paced mode! 


Hybrid Mode with Flexibility + Ensured Pace

How about the goodnesses from both? How does it work?

  • All students to start the session together and progress along at the same weekly pace.
  • Throughout each week, students enjoy the flexibility to go through the recordings at any time by themselves, with unlimited replay, and access to teacher and TA through live office hours and emails.
  • Students and parents receive regular emails throughout the course for reminders, updates and status
  • Class meets about monthly in person for checkup and tests.

Same Learning System, Same Curriculum

All students, no matter which learning mode, will be using the same learning system and study the same curriculum and materials:

  • same exclusive online course and lesson areas at
  • same forum discussion system
  • same homework submission and grading system
  • weekly office hours and TA supports
  • same curriculum and lesson lineups
  • same class videos and slides
  • much more

Comparison Recap

  Live (Zoom) Group Lessons Hybrid Self-Paced
Session-based Yes Yes No
Group/Private Group Group Private
Class Pace Fixed Fixed for the semester duration & flexible between monthly live meetings. Completely flexible
Can take class faster? No No Yes, as fast as you want
Can start anytime? No No Yes, start right away when enroll, no need to wait for session to start!